School children may have small hands but they have big hearts that can bring joy to their parents. On special occasion like Valentine’s Day, there are simple gifts they can do to make this day extra special. Obviously, they don’t have big budget to purchase expensive Valentine gift (unless they’ll ask from their parents). But surely, they can make use of their creative minds to craft gifts.

child hands

At school, making Valentine craft projects encourages the children to be more creative and artistic. This is usually done during art class. In line with the Valentine’s Day, the gift would be more special for the parents considering that it is handmade by their little one. For kids out there, here are some gift ideas you can do at school for you parents on Valentine’s Day.


When talking about Valentine’s Day, the most common type of gift would be the Valentine card. Yes, there are so many ready-made cards available at the bookstores or school supplies shops. But still, handmade cards are more special. School children can make their own V-card. All they need to do is get all the needed supplies such as construction paper, glue, scissor, glitter and ribbons.

To make a simple card, fold the paper into half then decorate the front page. Cut a heart shape colored paper and stick it at the front part. Add glitter and other embellishments like stickers and ribbons. Write a short message inside the card for your parents (as simple as “I love you Mom and Dad” is already enough). This card might not be as grand as those available at the shop but the effort of crafting it makes it a keepsake to be treasured.

Heart Collage

Another school art that makes wonderful Valentine gift for parents is a heart collage. Students would surely enjoy crafting this project since it is just very easy and fun to do. To make the collage, you need to cut many hearts from different colors of construction paper. Draw any shape that you like in an illustration board such as flower, sun, tree or animal. Glue the heart cut-outs into the board covering the shape. For instance if you draw a flower, you may glue the green hearts at the middle and bottom to cover the stem while the pink, yellow or red on the petals. This art piece can surely touch the heart of your parents.


Some educational institutions offer painting classes. If you attend this kind of class, making an artwork for your parents is perfect for Valentine. Express your feelings through your art piece. Draw your parent’s faces or maybe a caricature. Or, make an abstract painting which implies significant message to your parents. Whether you are using oil, watercolor or crayon, create a piece that can symbolize your love for them. You don’t have to be like Pablo Picasso to make your own masterpiece. Once you have made one, place it in a frame. A good Valentine gift that showcases your skill.

Handmade Album

Check out your photo albums at home. Select some pictures that include you and your parents or your whole family. In order to make a distinct kind of photo album, draw big heart shapes in soft board (so it’s easier to cut). You can even reuse chocolate boxes to minimize waste. Cut these heart shapes so you’ll get various pages. Create holes at the top of each page using puncher (be sure the holes are aligned). Tie the pages together using a ribbon or yarn. With this, you can add a picture on every page and decorate them with stickers or glitters. Add quirky caption to make it more interesting. Parents will enjoy browsing every page of the photo album you made not only on Valentine’s Day but any time of the year.

What makes these Valentine gift ideas special is that they are personalized. Pupils can easily make them at school and they don’t have to spend much. Of course with the assistance of the teachers, these Valentine presents can give joy to proud parents. Pleasing a parent is not that hard. As long as you exert time and effort on the gift, it already means the world to them.

About the author. This guest post was written by Ashley O’connor. She is a professional writer who blogs for Florida National College, an educational institution that offers wide array of programs to help students succeed. Although writing is her passion, she finds time to read books or watch her favorite tv shows.