Virtual gifts are becoming super popular because millions of people live far away from their loved ones. It is not always possible to be present but with virtual presents it is possible to make beautiful surprises to your loved ones.

BoonSpace is a revolutionary new way to send and receive gifts and emotional messages; it allows anyone to send a present when it’s impossible to be present.

While online retailers and gift sites abound, they are impersonal and require the sender to know the recipient’s address; a challenge if the recipient is travelling or you want to surprise a friend.

BoonSpace makes the gift giving easy and ads a personal touch.


How it works

  • you can easily create a personal multimedia message, including e-card, photo, video, webcam uploads and voice message
  • you select the ideal virtual present including a customised animated gift box and finally choose whether to send a virtual gift only or attach an amount of money so the recipient can transform their virtual gift into the real thing by redeeming the gift money via PayPal

Your friend will receive an email from PayPal letting her/him know BoonSpace has sent an amount of real money. Your friend can then withdraw the funds to a credit card and go shopping for the new gifts.