We all have someone in our life who is just obsessive about cars. They are so passionate about cars; they can literally answer any of your questions related to automobiles. And when it comes to buying them a gift, it’s always the most difficult decision to make, especially when you are not a car enthusiast yourself.  

But you don’t have to sweat anymore as we can help you figure out the best gift for car enthusiasts. This gift guide has the best gift ideas in all price ranges. All of these gifts are very practical and would help your friend to level-up is driving experience. 

 gifting ideas for Car lovers

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1)  Slimline II Roof Rack System

Car roof racks are the best gift for someone who is adventurous and travels with lots of gears and luggage. It’s completely modular and you can quickly assemble it on your own. You can add or remove slats to create platforms depending on the amount of luggage you have. It’s also a fantastic platform to sleep, sit and enjoy hilltop sundowners. And since it’s made from high-density aluminum, it’s firm and can carry up to 300kgs. But the material itself is pretty light yet durable, perfect for any adventures. 

2)  Syncwire Magnetic Car Phone Holder

This is the perfect gift for someone who is constantly on the road with his/her car. This magnetic phone holder helps you navigate roads and answer calls effortlessly. It sits perfectly in any ac vents and holds your phone firmly. There won’t be any scratches, as the clamps are rubberized. And you also don’t need to worry about the magnet interfering with the functionalities of your phone as it creates a closed magnetic field. It’s compatible with every phone.  

3)  Blueshyhall Console Side Pockets

If your friend’s car is always a mess and needs some serious organization, this is a gift for them. It effectively fills the gap beside your seat, and you can keep your everyday items inside the pockets. It also has a detachable coin box, so you won’t have to look around for coins every time. The cherry on top, it also has 2 USB ports, so charging your USB devices on the go becomes very easy. It’s effortless to install, and the built quality of this product is very premium. 

4)  Newdora Car Vacuum Cleaner

Every car needs cleaning every now and then because we know how chips crumbs can sneak into every corner of your car. So, this is a perfect gift for every car. It has 5000Pa suction for deep cleaning your interiors. It’s a dry-wet vacuum, so you can clean liquid spills with this as well. You get a 5-meter power cable, so reaching farthest corners like the trunk, won’t be an issue. It comes with a bunch of attachments, reducing the cleaning effort.  

5)   CarLock: Car Tracker & Alert System

It is more than a gift; it’s a lifesaver. This device will alert you through its app on your smartphone. It can detect whenever your car is moved or even when the engine starts. It will warn you if it detects any unusual vibrations in your car. Added to that, it also monitors your car’s health by regularly checking on battery usage. It is a subscription-based device, as it uses cloud computing and GPS tracking.   

6)  Alpine Component Speaker System

This is an amazing gift for all music lovers. It has an ultra-high-density neodymium magnet which gives you a very crisp sound. It comes with linear drive technology. It has a large aluminum voice coil which makes it lightweight. The speaker has a strong bass as it features multilayer hybrid fibre woofers. You can even adjust the tweeters to suit your seating position.

7)  JBL Subwoofer System

This is best for people with limited car space but unlimited music enthusiasm. It’s an 8″ woofer, that is designed to lower distortions and provides strong bass performances. It’s enclosed with ABS, so it’s lightweight yet durable. Also, it draws a minimum current from the car’s battery and doesn’t have a heating issue. It’s best for any kind of trip.  

8)  TOP GEAR Car Cleaning

This gift will give the car a brand new look. You can clean your car inside-out with this product. It comes with a microfiber cloth to avoid the infliction of scratches. It’s an ideal gift for every occasion. And car lovers know the real value of Top Gear products.

9)  Chaqlin car set covers

Choose from a plethora of options that have unique prints. Gift the one that best suits your friends’ personality. It comes for all seat sizes and shapes. Installation is very easy. It will give your interior a fresh look. 

10) ThumbsUp Whistle Key Finder

It is a cute yet sophisticated gift that is going to bring a smile on the person’s face. This keychain will beep and flash whenever you whistle. It has an elegant design. It is a must for someone who loses their keys often. It also features a mini torch.

  Whenever an automobile enthusiast gets anything remotely related to what they love, they appreciate it very much. So, now that you have these amazing gift ideas, get your loved ones one of these to tell them how special they are to you. If you have kids to gift, who are into cars, then gifting them something as small as a keychain will bring the biggest smile on their face.

By Rebecca Siggers