I like to research and present innovative and out of the ordinary gift ideas because it important to do something different to surprise the ones we love.

I have 2 unusual gift ideas to show you. The first one is to offer a custom portrait.


This custom portrait is fully handmade and no copy/paste techniques is used. The artists draw the face from what angle you want and the painting won’t be shipped until you are completely satisfied.

Each canvas is mounted on a thick wooden wall, has golden back straps and is ready to hang on the wall to look even better.

And you can paint your loved ones as their favorite characters: Superman, Wolverine or more serious models like the Godfather. The custom portrait will be loved for sure.

The second gift idea is to offer custom bobbleheads.

custom bobbleheads

Each custom bobblehead is unique and 100% handmade. The product’s originality is ensured because no computer printing software is use only artists.

If you opt to offer this present you must know that you can modify the sculpture and the painting as many times that you want. There are 500 hundred different models available plus you can choose the clothes and positions.

With a little imagination you will be able to create an unique gift.

Use one of the present ideas from this post to surprise someone you love.