Here are 3 unusual, last minute Valentine gifts for her. If you want to go to the seller site click on images.

1. Despair, Inc. Bittersweets

Despair Inc Bittersweets

There have been much poetry and many songs written about the tender topic of love. For quite some time, the pinnacle of amorous written expression has been the candy heart. With concise messages of affection, candy hearts rule. Sometimes, though, people suck, love hurts, and all the candy hearts in the world cannot make it better. But why make it better? Why not make it as bad as it can get? For the lonely, the miserable, and melancholy, we give you Bittersweets.

2. Binary Love Babydoll

Binary Love Babydoll

This Valentine gift will be very appreciated if she likes computers and technology. It is funny, special and romantic.

3. I Love My Geek

I Love My Geek

Looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, or even your mom? How ’bout the "I love my geek" shirt? It pretty much speaks for itself, and proves to the world that geeks really are lovable.