Special men in your life should be celebrated, including family members and friends. You can celebrate them by giving them unique gifts that they will cherish for years to come. It can be given on a special day like their birthday or Fathers Day or any day of the year, just because. Here’s a few exciting ideas he might enjoy.


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Outdoor Fun

Some guys are the type to want to experience nature by being able to touch it and spend time there. The guy in your life might benefit from a scuba diving experience that would allow him to swim underwater and explore the beauty of sea life in its natural state. If you’ll be taking little ones, there are also underwater adventures for kids as well so you can all explore together.

Beer of the Month

A membership to the Beer of the Month club is a fun and innovative way to celebrate your guy. Each month he gets a new shipment of delicious beer to try in the convenience of his home. No need for him to go out and go shopping for these hard to find brands. Instead he can come home after a long day of work and enjoy his beer of the month, delivered right to his doorstop.


Another unique idea that Dad may enjoy is a ride in an airplane as pilot. Sure, he may be on the ground everyday working hard, but this the one opportunity to live a dream he’s had since childhood. He’ll have the chance to feel the rush of the sky air as gets to fly a plane. You can purchase lessons for him to take at a local aviation center. This is one gift he’ll never forget.

Scenic Route

Maybe your guy doesn’t really want to fly a plane on his own, but would really love being high up in the air, catching views of the city. Then he might enjoy a helicopter ride instead. He’ll get to hover high above buildings and nature along side birds. It’s both exhilarating and adventurous. Buy him a helicopter tour for the inner explorer in him.

Whatever gift you choose to give the special guy in your life, be sure to choose one that takes his own personality into account. Take the opportunity to give him something either he really enjoys or something he’s expressed that he’s always wanted to try. He will not be disappointed if you keep his interests in mind when selecting a special gift.