Kids love birthdays not just for the celebrations associated with the event but because of the birthday gifts that they receive. There are innumerable things that you can give as gifts to your children, but in this digital age, what is better than an online educational game. Here are the top 10 educational games that you can give to your kids as birthday gifts:

1. Kodu


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This is a very educational game as it enables your kids to hone their programming skills. The game has been developed by Microsoft and introduces children to a new visual programming language. This language has been specifically developed to create games and therefore, children can put in their ideas and create games while learning more about computer technology.

2. Free Rider 2


The game is a highly educational one as it enables children to learn more about dynamics, physics and motion. It also develops the logical and drawing skills of children. The game involves drawing scenes, either of one’s own choice or from the provided themes. The children have a selection of vehicles, which they can choose to ride through the created scene. The game provides unlimited fun as the player can stretch the target as much as he or she wants or make the game as challenging as wanted.

3. Double Digits


An educational game from the very start, the Double Digits game involves addition and subtraction. The game involves solving the math problem as given on the screen. The player can calculate the correct answer and click on the correct one from the different answers given on the game screen.

4. SimCEO

As the name implies, this is a game that involves managing one’s company as a CEO. The game is highly educational as it focuses on using economic principles and their application. The game can be adjusted to make it easy or complex as per the age groups of children playing the game.

5. Word Mountain


This is one game where children can not only have fun but also improve their typing skills. It is an innovative game where kids have to type fast to reach the top of a mountain and defeat their opponents. The game has several levels and with each level, the words become complicated and longer. The game also helps in improving the spellings as children spell them while typing.

6. Line Rider 2


For kids that wish to create bike and car tracks, by themselves, this game is the best game to choose. The game enables kids to test their engineering and creative skills by creating stunt and racing courses. The game is educational in the sense that it provides a backdrop for imaginative kids having artistic creativity. The game also teaches physics, motion and dynamics.

7. Amusix Flute


This is an interactive game which tests the typing and musical skills of the player. The player has to type to the tune of classical flute music. The game has several levels, the initial ones being simple. However, as the game progress, the tunes become difficult and the player has to type faster to keep pace with the music.

8. Maths Workout 2


This is another math workout game that is easy as well as challenging for kids. Players have to give answers to the problems given in the game, within a time limit of 60 seconds. Players can choose the level and type of math to be practiced.

9. Electrocity


This is a management style game where kids have to control their virtual city or town. The kids have to deal with social and geographical problems like urban development, spatial planning and ecological responsibility.

10. Bridge Building Game


This is a challenging game where players have to build bridges within an allocated budget. The structure of the bridge should be right as it is tested by strange creatures that try to cross the bridge. There are several levels to the game.

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