Father Day is coming and you want give your dad a funny gift to remember the date and him smile all year.

I have search almost all the internet and found for you 10 super funny present ideas.

Let us see them.

1. Buy a photo frame and put in it the funniest pictures with you and your dad. He will love them.


The photo frame can be classic or digital, it does not matter, the photos you put inside it what’s important. In online stores you can find even wallets with digital frames. You can see one on Digital Photo Wallet gadget

2. Funny mugs


Every one has a favorite mug to drink tea or coffee. Getting a funny mug will make you father happy every time he looks at his drinking cup. Online you will find all type of funny mugs with different texts (some merchants will let you customize the text) and the prices are below $12. For Father Day a cup with the text Worlds Greatest Dad will be perfect.

3. Funny t-shirts


T-shirts can be another source of great gifts because there are millions of models to choose from and most merchants will let you create your own or customize the images and the text. Number 1 dad and super dad are the texts recommended to get.

3. Puzzle alarm clock

This is a fun, but useful gadget. The clock will wakes your dad by firing four puzzle pieces up in the air, and then it is his task to get the pieces and put them back in the alarm clock – it won’t turn off until then.

4. Handy massager to invigorate your tired father


Handy massager vibrates and massages fantastically – it will give your father the relaxing moments he need! The handy massager will work wonders on your sore and aching muscles. It is great for all parts of the body from top to bottom.

The handy massager easily relieves tension and stress.

5. Table games


Table games can be a hot Father Day gift because they help relaxing and they play a social function (they bring people together to have fun). There are several board games th choose from, but all depends on your father
passions. He likes football (soccer)? Get him a table football game. If he enjoys pool get him a mini pool table. Is your daddy a gambler? Nothing simpler! You will find to buy online: card tables, blackjack game, roulette and many others.

6. Sudoku Toilet Roll


This is an unusual gift. We all have to sit down on the toilet, some people read, others sing and others play Sudoku.

This present is only recommended for people with a healthy sense of humor.

7. Talking Beer Glass


You can get your dad is the perfect beer glass for every beer drinker in the world.

When the beer in the glass will go under the “safety level” the glass will tell you will repeat this three phases: “Your beer is running dangerously low” “Refill immediately – danger of sobering up” (with
warning siren) and “Cheers!'”.

8. Shock Lighter. Help your father to stop smoking.


Every time he will try to smoke and lighten his cigar will get a rap over the fingers to remember that he want to become a non smoker!

This can be a funny gift also. Next time one of your dad friends, work colleagues or others at the office ask for a light, he will give the victim this electric shock lighter everyone will have a good laugh.

9. Books with hidden compartment


It will help your father easily hide valuable goods in a hidden compartmented book.

10. Freudian Slippers

These slippers have a very funny design. They are meant to bring a smile on your dad face when he wears them.