With the holiday season coming up, it is time to start shopping for friends and loved ones. Finding the perfect gift for everyone is difficult and time-consuming. A great way to find a fun and appropriate gift is to consider the gift recipient’s interests and hobbies. It is no surprise that movie buffs enjoy gifts that involve movies. Presents involving movies are varied and are available at all price points.

The Dark Knight Rises movie

A subscription to an online movie rental website is a wonderful gift for a film lover. Movies can be rented online and either downloaded to a computer or sent to the recipient’s home as a DVD. Gift memberships are available to most online movie rental websites. Independent movies and foreign films are readily available on online movie rental websites and are sure to please the most discerning movie fan.

Some film lovers may shy away from the Internet. A commemorative edition of a favorite movie on DVD makes a wonderful gift for the traditional film lover. Similarly, boxed sets of entire movie series are enjoyable gifts.

If someone loves to act why not get them some classes at an acting school New York? Something like this will allow them to hone their skills.

A gift certificate to a local movie theater is another entertaining gift for a movie lover. Many movie theaters sell gift certificates that are redeemed for movie tickets and snacks at the concession stand. An afternoon or evening at the movies with popcorn and soda is a welcome diversion from everyday life.

A popcorn popper makes a wonderful gift when a movie lover prefers to watch movies in the comfort of their own home. Freshly popped popcorn tastes much better than microwave popcorn. Popcorn from a popper is also healthier, as the user controls the amount of butter and salt on the popcorn.

If a movie buff loves one particular movie, memorabilia from that movie makes a unique gift. Online auction houses are excellent places to find movie memorabilia. A DVD of a favorite movie, paired with memorabilia from that movie, is sure to please a film buff.

Books about movies also make great presents for film lovers. The book can be about one specific movie or about the movie industry in general. Likewise, a movie lover will enjoy a subscription to a magazine about the movie industry.

If cost is not an object, gifts that transform a home into a small movie theater make excellent presents. A home movie projector will make a film lover feel like they are in their favorite movie theater. Similarly, home theater speakers with surround sound transform a typical suburban den into a home theater. 

Film buffs are sure to love gifts that involve movies, whether it is an online movie rental subscription, a DVD, a gift certificate to the local movie theater, a book about movies, or equipment to transform a home into a true home theater.

Kate Wilson likes to write about movies. Her favorite films are Casablanca and There’s Something About Mary