Do-it-yourself or DIY items have proven to be making waves among fans of arts and crafts. After all, it’s a wonderful pastime that reduces spending and encourages recycling. If you have a friend or loved one that’s a big fan of this craze, here are some gift ideas to show just how supportive you are of his/her hobby.


Shabby chic is what this item screams. A DIY lover’s home is probably never complete without a basket – any sort and any size. So yes, your friend most likely already have this one. But you know what the good news is? He/she will never say no to an additional one either. A true DIY fan will always find a way on how to use a basket. You can easily find this item in bookstores, gift shops, or home decor stores. Buying different sizes of identical design will give the recipient a great option on how to work around with it. Getting all in the same size will also work. From towels to plants to magazines, baskets are perfect for just about anything that needs to be tidied.

Wooden cloth clip

Not too many people will see just how adorable these things are, but wooden cloth clips are actually excellent materials for arts and crafts. They’re not only used to hang clothes, you know? Polaroid photos, paper doll dresses, spelled out names. These are just a few ideas on how you can creatively use wooden cloth clip. You can purchase these in sets in department stores or home improvement stores. They’re affordable yet very interesting.

Decorative adhesive tapes

Yep, even adhesive tapes can be a source of creativity. DIY fans are surely thrilled to know that this item now comes in different colors and designs. What used to be boring utility tapes can now be used in making ordinary mails or notes more exciting. Decorative adhesive tapes can be bought from bookstores or craft stores. Opt for ones that are packed in groups, which saves you money and are most likely to have varying yet complementing designs. This gift will not only be cute, it will definitely be very useful too!


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Beads and buttons

Something that a true blue DIY fan will never get enough of! Beads and buttons, both old and new, are will surely trigger a need to be crafty and artsy. Randomly give old buttons, beads, and even synthetic pearls and stones to your friend or go for a more formal gift-giving by scoring new sets of these colorful materials.


You can’t go wrong with this one. Ribbons sound very simple for a gift but since this is a staple in any craft collection, it’s something that will surely delight your recipient. The challenge is to look for ones that are unique in design and material. Give rolls of assorted ribbons and you’ll surely allow creative ideas to seamlessly flow.

Pens and markers

Oh the classic! It’s true that getting artsy might mean mixing and matching things and using different tools. However, creativity is often tested when you have nothing more but the basic materials. Pens and markers are one of those essentials. Get your friend personalized pens or markers in different colors. Customize this gift item from brands like National Pen or you can order them through online stores; embossing their names on it will surely make it more special. Whether it’s a simple note on a post-it or a special holiday card, markers and pens will prove to be as reliable as always.

Mini tool box

DIY enthusiast are known to be patient and resourceful in accomplishing a project. But you can always make things a lot more easier for them by giving them a mini tool box. Mini screwdriver, mini pliers, and whatnots are devices that will prove to be very handy in crafting bracelets or making home decors. A complete mini tool box would be dream come true, but even a single piece will surely be appreciated as well.

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