If you are lucky enough to live in the UK, you may be aware that mother’s day has just been and gone. In the US on the other hand it’s still about a month and a half away, which means you’ve still got plenty of time to figure out what to get your beloved mother.

So this blog post I suppose is for dis-organised brits, hyper organised Americans and well, anyone in the world who wants to buy something nice for their mum, you know, just because…

A teddy

Why should teddies be just for kids? Mother’s day is all about showing that you care, and in reality, the best way to do that is often with a token gift rather than an expensive one. So why not get her a personalised teddy bear and have it embroidered with a meaningful message of your own choosing. Get a small bear that will sit nicely on the mantel piece, or go OTT and get something less practical; it’s your call.


Vouchers are in all situations perfect for the mother who is chronically picky or the gift buyer (that’s you) who just doesn’t know where to start. If your mum is the practical type, who doesn’t treat herself much, get some vouchers for an expensive luxury store, where she’ll be forced to spend the money on something a bit special.


Who said you can’t buy designer ladies fashion for your mum? If you’re feeling adventurous, ask her sisters or friends what she likes (or just use your own judgement). Few women don’t enjoy being bought new clothes and even if you don’t make the right choice she will love the fact that you tried, just keep the receipt though.

Vintage Wine

This is a novel gift idea; you can buy vintage wines and ports by year – if your mum is particularly old (21 right?) then this could be a pricey gift, but for the wine connoisseur it is always appreciated and thoughtful.

Just a bit of time

Finally, what’s the one thing your mum loves more than anything? You of course. So gifts and cards aside, if you live a busy life, why not clear your next weekend and spend some quality time? It’s a gift you will both enjoy… Sorry for the soppy ending, but you know it’s true!