Choosing perfect gift for women might not be as tricky for men, as everyone would guess the obvious choices of women in fashion, styling and personal interests. But picking the appropriate present for husband or dearest man would confuse the lady for making a lasting impression on his heart. Specifically for a man who is sensitive and emotional along with his practical personality, cannot be delighted with an ordinary pick. The gift should be sensible as well as touchy to match the sensitivity of the event of valentine that invites you to express your love with its entire splendor. Some exclusive gifts for this valentine can be attained for him by going through this list and adding some personal mark in it.


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Canvas – a collage of memories

You must have lots and lots of special, loving and emotional memories stored in shape of photos in digital or hard copy. You can make a bunch of sweet jiffies from different occasions of your life, and mount them with the help of collage of photos on canvas to wrap it for the special man of your life. You can add some lovely quotes or your personal thoughts in the form of short description given under each pictures. It will extremely amuse him to revive the exciting moments of your relationship with warmth of emotions on his face.

Play a game of secret messages

Women who strive to make special arrangements and planning to celebrate special events of life would enjoy better relation with their hubbies. You can also make an effort to impress him with your imaginative and creative side of personality. After long hard working day, you can arrange a unique game of secret messages as he enters the home to attract him for the extraordinary display of valentine cards, candles, and Champaign for both of you. You can write the directions and sweet tickles on heart shaped cards to let him follow the steps and reach the surprising venue. It will spark his eyes with pleasure and glee.

Make a romantic trip

You can spend some money to arrange a romantic trip to avail the chance of reviving your bond towards heights of affection. A trip to some romantic destination just for two of you would be the best ever valentine gift that you can present him. Choose the destination that is easy to reach and warmth enough to indulge in tenderness, your honeymoon destination can be the best option. A beach side resort or a mountain cottage would also be a quixotic escape for both of you.

Bureau trappings

For a corporate minded husband, you can comfort yourself to buy him a set of desk trappings for his bureau in his office or home workplace. It will embellish his plain desk to always remind him of your love and care for him. You can spend according to your budget to buy the accessories in steel or marble material.

Macho perfumes

Men wearing bold fragrances look more fabulous and macho. If you want to boost the charisma of your man among his social setup, gift him a macho perfume on this valentine. He will surely love to use the mesmerizing aroma in his daily routine to elevate his personality.

Branded Shaving kit

The special day of love gives you a possibility to bestow your partner with the most needed product for him. You can present him a branded shaving kit that will be useful for him for personal jazz up with the special touch of brand name. You can find a large range of brands in shaving kits like Edwin Jagger, Clinique, Jack Black or Grooming Lounge etc.

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