Gifts that help the collectors in your life pursue their personal passions show that you’ve taken the time to think about what present will most please them. Whether your friend or family member hunts for treasures at flea markets and garage sales or is an avid fan of antique stores and auctions, your thoughtfulness will be appreciated every time that the gift is used. These six must-have items are sure to delight any collector.

Six Stellar Gifts to Buy the Collector In Your Life

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1. Loupes and Magnifying Glasses

An essential tool for any collector, a magnifying glass offers a close-up look at the hard-to-read markings and signatures that can help identify an item’s value. Whether with a traditional magnifying glass, a model with built-in lighting or a loupe used by jewelers and watchmakers, it’s vital for collectors to examine an item carefully to assess the piece’s quality and condition. As a collector, you need a magnifying glass to establish a piece of art’s authenticity in order to sell artwork with confidence.

2. A Smart Phone or Tablet

With all of the resources available on the Internet today, it’s critical for collectors to have a smart device with them while they’re on the hunt for treasure. A smart phone with a built-in camera allows collectors to compare items with pictures on Internet-based catalogues. They’re particularly handy for those who plan to sell artwork or pieces of sculpture through an established art broker.

3. Pocket Tools

Whether it’s a pair of small tongs that helps a stamp collector handle stamps or a set of small screwdrivers that lets collectors test the fittings of a potential treasure, tools that can be easily slipped into a pocket or purse are always appreciated.

4. Black Lights

Black lights allow collectors to spot flaws that can’t be seen under artificial or natural light. You’ll find hand-held models that collectors can use at home as well as black-light key chains that they can take with them when they’re out on the hunt.

5. Gloves

White cotton gloves make a thoughtful gift for collectors who love to spend time examining their treasured finds. The gloves offer essential protection when handling collectibles like artwork, documents and rare books.

6. Custom Storage

Every collector needs some type of storage system to protect their treasures and keep them organized. Whether it’s a bound book for stamps or coins or an acrylic or glass display box, the gift of storage lets collectors display their finds with pride. Match the gift to the collector’s field of interest, and the present will be enjoyed for years to come.

By Rose McKellen