Spring has finally arrived, which means that summer will be here before you know it! There’s no doubt that your kids have already started counting down the days until summer vacation begins.

As a parent, however, you might be feeling a little bit stressed. While you’re certainly looking forward to spending more time with the kids, you can’t help but wonder how you are going to keep them entertained because without fail, just days after school lets out, you’ll be hearing them say, “I’m bored!”

Instead of scrambling for ideas, start planning for summer now! Here are some great gift ideas that you can give your kiddos to commemorate the end of the school year and kick of the summer while keeping them entertained all vacation long!

 Outdoor Art Supplies

There is magic in art for people of all ages, but especially for kids. It offers so many benefits, including the development of fine motor skills, language, and decision making. Plus, art offers children the opportunity to truly express themselves and explore their creativity – and it’s just fun!

This summer, get your kids’ creative juices flowing by giving them the gift of outdoor art supplies. Sidewalk chalk, outdoor paint, and spray chalk are just some of the neat art supplies that are made specifically for use outside. Whether they’re drawing on your driveway, painting rocks, or just sitting down and sketching with pencils and paper, your children will have a wonderful time exploring nature and expressing what they see through their artistic creations.

Water Fun!

Those hot and sunny summer days beg for water play. There are tons of water toys and activities you can gift your kids that will get them outside, keep them cool, and let them have fun!

Some great gift ideas include water tables, water balloons, sprinklers, inflatable water slides, and of course, a good old fashioned slip-and-slide! Add in a personalized towel, some sunglasses, and cute bathing suits for the complete water play experience and your kids will have hours of refreshing fun (and they’ll learn some valuable skills, to boot!)


Summer Gift Guide: Cool Summer Gift Ideas for Kids 3

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Kids and bubbles go together like peanut butter and jelly! There’s just something so mesmerizing about those lighter-than-air, colorful balls of soap: kids of all ages love blowing them, chasing them, and trying to pop them!

Bubbles are fun all year long, but they are particularly great during the summer season when it’s warm outside. There are tons of bubble toys and accessories to choose from. Bubble machines, bubble guns, light-up bubble wands, bubble fans, and just the standard bottle of bubbles all make great gifts for the summer. Your little ones will squeal with delight as they blow millions of bubbles and try to pop them all!

A Smartphone

If your kids are past the age of any of the previously mentioned gifts, you might want to consider getting them their first smartphone. These tools are a great way to stay connected with friends when school comes to a close, and they can give moms and dads great peace of mind as their tweens and teens explore their independence.

While there are definite benefits associated with owning a smartphone, there are also certain risks, so if you’re going to give your child a phone to celebrate the start of summer, don’t forget to sign a smartphone contract. Doing so will ensure your child understands proper phone behavior and help them avoid some of the dangers that come alone with owning and using these devices.

Giving any of these gifts will ensure that your child’s summer is his or her best one yet!

By Gwen Lewis