Giving gifts has over time immemorial been a norm for human beings. Gifting may be pleasurable or quite a nightmare depending on how well you know the person to whom the gift will belong. For the non music lovers giving gifts to loved ones who are music lovers can often prove to be quite a headache, however, to ease this is a list of my top 5 music related gifts:


Apple iPod touch

Nothing means more to the music lover than having their music with them whenever they need it (which is all the time). The iPod is small, trendy, portable and has the capacity to hold a large number and variety of songs depending on it’s make. The iPod gives the user the very satisfying power to only save music that appeal to his taste. With Apple continually unveiling an extensive line of iPods you will be spoilt for choice on what to get your beloved. The iPod will get your music lover eternally thanking you and sure does deserve to fall in the list of top 5 music related gifts.

Sheet music scrapbook

This is for the more specific music lover, the music lover who is into detail; musical symbols, instruments, notations, scores name them and they know it all. If a certain friend loves sheet music then making a sheet music scrapbook has to be in the list of top 5 music related gifts to bless them with. Buy sheet music at and start making the gift of a lifetime for your music lover.

Branded merchandise of favorite band or musician

This just has to be in the list of top 5 music related gifts. Having merchandise of a favorite band or musician totally does it for any music lover. Try the branded t-shirts, mugs, posters, phone covers according to the person’s likings. Music lovers adore their music as well as the artists thus having their merchandise not only adds to their loyalty but also gives them a sense of belonging to the group. This gift will have you looking for more merchandise just to see the smile on your loved ones face once more.

Beats by Dre in ear headphones

For the younger type of music lover who we all know gifting can prove to be quite a nightmare. The out of this world sleek design and sound quality will have your music loving son doing dishes, I promise. Beats by Dre has to be one of the top 5 gifts for the music lovers and appeals to the music lovers who care a little bit more about how music gets to their ears.

Gift cards from itunes

So you probably gave up trying to find out what music they like or how they like it, the iTunes gift card is one of the top 5 gifts for the music lover and with this gift you can never go wrong. The iTunes gift card are affordable and quite an impressive way to gift any music lover since you grant unto them the power to have those favorite songs they have been eyeing on iTunes for quite a while

Go ahead and get gifting!