Present buying can often be tricky business. There seems to be more events and occasions than ever before that require gift giving. The choice available is grand making decisions all the trickier. Important too is that you get an item that is suitable, thoughtful and fits in well with the individual you are buying for’s tastes. In this article three top gift ideas will be disclosed. These will be certain, to keep even the most ardent of film buffs will amused and entertained.

Film Media- Art, Posters and Canvases

Film Media Posters

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Know who you are buying for well? Know their favourite film or actor/actress? Why not opt for some inspired artwork? This can cost as little or as much as you like, there is a great deal of choice and options making it an affordable gift choice. Art featuring specific scenes, characters and quotes from films can be purchased. Particularly iconic images that are memorable from films are especially striking. Cult movie posters can look very cool in ones home. There is also an idea to make a print extra special by getting it framed. A great gift idea for anyone of any age. Posters are a particularly good gift option for children, teens and young adults.

Cinema Gift Card/Movie Subscription

Various packages are offered by companies to subscribe and get films delivered straight to the recipients door. Many of these services now offer online streaming services too. They allow people to pick from a list of films and then be able to watch from their own home, they have vast databases of old and also the most recent of film releases. A card can also be purchased at your cinema and makes an excellent gift for those who love the movie theatre experience. Is variation but will permit them entry to film screenings. It is a good gift as it still offers them flexibility in that they can chose what they go and see. Movie theatres are akin to stage theatres in terms of comfort these days and a very popular setting/attraction for people. Visiting the beautiful London theatre in England it is definitely sure that cinemas seating is more luxurious.

Books on Film

For those individuals with a particularly keen interest in films it is worth considering a book purchase. There are so many great books written about films, by filmmakers, actors and also compilation books too. Books such as top 50 films to see before you die, are excellent resources crammed full of descriptions and recommendations of films to see. A book such as that is suitable for anyone of any age- universal appeal. It is also a good option if you do not know the person you are buying for so well. Plenty other options in books such as actor and director autobiographies, these can often be very good reads, giving a great insight to the life’s, works and experience of those right in the heart of the movie making business. As many movies are adapted from books, why not purchase them the book version of their favourite film. Great picture books can be purchased which specialise and delve into specific films. Similarly there are informative books which specialise in reviewing movies. If you know their favourite, this could prove very informative and a good keep seek- giving them further knowledge of the film and how it was made.

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This guest post is contributed by Lucy Daniel on behalf of boxoffice, aspiring filmmaker and collector of super hero memorabilia! She also enjoy cooking and occasionally, sketching.