After writing the title, and now that I am writing down the ideas, that I got from reading an article of ImagePrinters NZ, I think that title becomes a little controversial. I wanted to change it but then, mentioning ‘for Valentine’s Day’ makes the title a lengthy one. So let me assure you that I have no idea what a girl wants, these are the ideas for gifting a girl on the Valentine’s Day. Ah… I can already see the disappointment on few faces. You know I read somewhere, there isn’t a way that you can really tell what a girl wants but you can do what she wants. Is it the same? Well my mind goes all blank when I think about that. So back to the ideas for the Valentine’s Day gifts for the girls and ladies in your lives. And by that I mean is one for each respectively, so chill.


Image source

Here are few of the ideas that I accumulated while browsing through a website Image Printers. The ideas were not as such in a way of an article but they have added some special images for the event. Ideas that I am mentioning here are added with my own thoughts of how you can use them for gifting your love on the Valentine’s Day.

Dinner Invitation Card

ImagePrinter NZ is basically an online printing service provider. They print the images of your choice, weather you have uploaded one yourself or taken one from their image gallery. The idea is to make an invitation card of Egyptian style on a tablet. Since they have acrylic and metal prints available as well, you can design a perfect dinner invitation card on a snap of you two in the background. Printing that designed card on a hard medium like metal and glass in a tablet shape will be an invitation card to keep forever. From my own experience, girls just love artistic and unique things; things which don’t just fade away. My girlfriend for instance even keeps the paper greeting cards saved in a box.

Frame of Love

Another good idea that you can turn into a gift on the website is get a print of her favorite picture. That picture can be a selfie of you two together, a piece of art or of her favorite band group. My idea would be to surprise her by getting a canvas print of her favorite artist of whom you can manage to get a photograph. There are many companies which offer you to get autograph of your favorite celebrity for you. You can also ‘contact celebrity for an autograph’ yourself by joining their fan page. Just imagine a canvas print poster with a personal message and an autograph from a star she adores and admires. The bottom line being, more love for you, so you know where I am getting at.

The best would be a dinner for you two, inviting her by the Egyptian style invitation tablet. Make sure that restaurant is the one, you both will enjoy. You might want to add the ‘frame of love’ if you can manage that and are able to plan ahead. Adding a red rose and a chocolate box or bar of her choice will be an extra topping. Well… best of luck that night ;).

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