While a sketch from Da Vinci may be considered a historical artifact, there are many facets that can be equally as important and valuable. After all, an item is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Owning a piece of history doesn’t have to be an expensive investment when you consider that history is being made every day.

Music of the Era

The evolution of music has helped humanity progress throughout the centuries. From orchestras from more than a century ago to punk records of today, it’s all relevant when considering the history of music itself. What people listen to denotes the mindset of the culture and may be considered part of your heritage when historians look back 100 years from now.

Sports Memorabilia

One of the more popular sports memorabilia is that of baseball cards. These credit card-sized pieces of history are often collected and sold, especially if the player is any good. As the years pass, many of the biggest names in sports become legendary and sales of these cards increase in value. Consider who is popular today and realize that your grandchild could be sitting on a gold mine 50 years from now.
Collections, action figures, vinyl records and more can all be considered a piece of history that has potential to increase in value. Although it’s usually collectors that drive a price on any particular item, what you buy at the corner convenience store today could be worth thousands of dollars later as a part of human history.

By Ryan