Do you have that one adrenaline junky, sports-freak, athletic person in your life? Do you want to make them extra happy, but just don’t know what kind of gift to give them? Well, you’re at the right place, because here we will be dealing with exactly what you need to give to your favorite sports fanatic as a gift.

Namely, we know how hard it is to ship for your athletes. They have special clothes already, candy and fancy alcohol won’t really cut it, and they don’t tend to be couch potatoes, so video games and movies are also out of the question. But, if you read what we wrote below, we are certain you will find at least something that tickles their fancy.

What you should put in a gift basket for every athletic person 1

A water bottle

You gotta stay hydrated if you want to get serious about any sport or physical activity. However, many plastic bottles become toxic after a while, they seep toxic chemicals into the water you drink. So, either go with specialized glass with protective rubber, non-toxic plastic, or stainless steel.

New headphones

What you should put in a gift basket for every athletic person 2

There aren’t that many things as fun as going out for a run and listening to your favorite book or album. However, there aren’t that many things as annoying as when your headphones fall out just when you got into your run or your music. So, get your favorite athletic person a nice pair of headphones or earphones that are specialized for sports. These will most likely have a kind of rim that goes around your ear, perhaps stronger suction, or some other design made for people who love to move.

Vibram trainers

These look pretty strange but bear with us. If your loved one likes running, then they will definitely enjoy a pair of Vibrams. Namely, shoes like these allow people to gain all the benefits of running barefoot, like stronger feet and toes, and a more natural grip, while still protecting them from blisters or debris.

A foam roller

What you should put in a gift basket for every athletic person 3

A good foam roller can help you take out trigger points, massage places you can’t usually reach, all the while giving you enough force to basically turn it into a deep tissue session. The best part about the foam roller is that you can vary pressure levels. Depending on your mood, you can target specific muscles and trigger points, releasing knots and stress.

Arm and knee warmers

A good pair of arm warmers are just what you need when you’re doing a run in the early, cold mornings. You need all the heat you can get, all the while trying not to sweat too much and dehydrate. A good arm warmer can give you exactly what you want. The same thing goes for knee warmers.

Physical therapy

We know – a doctor’s appointment as a gift. However, maybe your loved one doesn’t have the time or the means to schedule a physical therapy session. A creaky knee, a crackling shoulder, back issues that aren’t going away, but that at the same time are not serious enough to warrant a trip to the doctor’s office. Well, paying for physiotherapy sessions might just get them to move and have their elbow or back checked out. Find a good office, like Aevum Physiotherapy for example, and pay for a session or two.

Protein powder and supplements

Dietary supplements do not come cheap. However, they can be very useful. Some, like vitamin supplements, can cover gaps in a person’s diet, keeping them healthy. Some extra calcium for your bones or some zinc for your immune system is always sorely appreciated.

Protein powder can help your friend grow some extra muscle, and certain pew-workout powders can give them the boost they need to stay active and get the most out of your workouts.

A massage

A simple massage can do wonders. No matter how much exercise you do, a good massage will help people get the most out of their physical exercise. It can break away knots, losing you up, make you feel as good as new. You are basically paying for your friend to feel fresh and new again.

A dive watch

Dive watches are great for the adrenaline junky who loves spending his or her time near water. Diving, swimming, just jumping into the water, all of this can mess up your watch. However, a good dive watch can help you tell the time, even when you are pretty deep underwater.


And there you have it, a couple of fun gifts your favorite athlete will adore. Whether it’s a nice, new pair of running shoes, a dive watch, or something like a weighted west to challenge them, you know they will love it. Getting them arm warmers, a massage, or even an appointment with a physical therapist will show them just how much you care. A nice foam roller can also help relieve some tension, as will a massage ball.

By Lena Hemsworth